We have about 90 volunteer members divided into teams working in one of our studios. Each team only operates once every few weeks and each production is created by a separate team.

Birmingham Talking Newspaper

volunteers roles


As a registered charitable incorporated organisation we are managed by a board of trustees who are elected by our members each year. The trustees are also volunteers. Information about the trustees can be seen on the Charity Commission website.


Each week the news team leader selects the items to be read from the local papers and allocates them to the readers. Magazine team editors select articles from various magazines and websites. The news teams usually operate on Friday afternoons and the magazine teams work on other days.


Each team typically has four or five readers. Readers are given articles to record in the studio during a recording session which lasts for about two hours.


The technician on each team records the items using a laptop and mixer desk connected to microphones. When the session is finished the technician edits the recordings, puts them in the right order and tweaks them to get the best possible result. The finished recording is then passed to the copying team.


The Copiers prepare the USB sticks by erasing the last recording before putting the new recordings on. We use fast copying machines which can copy up to fifteen USB sticks at once. The copying process takes about an hour and the new recordings are then taken to the Royal Mail sorting office to be sent out to our listeners.


Returned pouches are collected from the Royal Mail sorting office, the USB sticks are taken out for re-use and a record is made of who has returned them. Pouches and address labels are set up for new listeners.

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